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Small Animals


I am happy to look after a range of small pets including mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and many others.  I can offer either one or two visits per day during which I will;

  • Clean bowls and give fresh food and water

  • Clean out cages/hutches if needed and give fresh substrate and bedding

  • Administer any medicines required

  • Give your pet some fuss and attention and have a cuddle or play if they want

I can also provide a range of home security services at no extra cost including;

  • Opening and closing curtains

  • Turning lights and heating on and off

  • Putting post in a safe location

  • Putting bins out on rubbish day

  • Watering house plants

Small pet visits are £9.50 a day for one visit or £16 a day for two visits for up to five enclosures/cages.  If you have more than five enclosures/cages or need more than two visits a day then please contact me for a personalised quote.  Normal bank holiday rates apply; please see my price list for full details.

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